6419 passwords. This is 26.12% of all passwords. Updated 14.10.2023 12:05 (GMT+3)
This program is designed to find passwords for programming Toyota and Lexus Gen2 ECUs (1.28/1.5/2.0Mb). The full version has many more features, but here we are talking about brute-force passwords. The purpose for getting the passwords is to be able to flash the "unreadable" ECU with a compatible BIN.
The program has a client-server architecture needs to be connected to the Internet.

Any J2534 adapter, PowerBox or low current coil 12V relay Link to last version setup_tuf v2.5005.27.4
Link to Guardant license activator license_activation_wizard Run setup_tuf.exe and install software
Run license activator and enter license key
Now you can run the software
Let's take a look at the program window:

On the left side you must select the J2534 adapter that you will work with. The lower right corner shows the number of passwords that are not yet known.
Connect ECU to J2534 on bench.
Press IDENT button to ident ECU and wait 5-10 seconds.
Now you can press START button and wait some hours.
There are several methods of connection to the ECU Q: What relation do you have to HEXPROG.COM?
A: No relationship. We registered the name and domain 3 months earlier than they did.

Q: What if the program didn't find the password?
A: This is a rare occurrence. Restart the program, press the IDENT button while holding the Ctrl button on keyboard. The program will run longer, but it will try an extended range of passwords. If this does not help, then the ECU contains a password that does not exist for Denso (possible fake password) This product is our intellectual property. You buy the right to use the program, but not the program itself. Any scanning, modification, cheating of CAN bus, memory, as well as everything related to the program is prohibited. If hacker activity is detected, access will be immediately denied without a refund. There will be no explanation.
In any case, no refunds are provided. You must understand in advance what kind of product it is and decide whether you need it or not.
You will receive a license key within 1 day after payment.
To obtain a license, you need to send an e-mail to info@ecubear.com and write your full name in English, e-mail, phone number and country

There are 2 types of license:
You bruteforce a password using the program and, if successful, you can buy tuning files from us in PCMFlash crypto format.

You see the password that was picked up. You can make files yourself from compatible ones. If we have a compatible original file, then you will receive it. Not all files available!

We will update the program soon. There will be new opportunities. The main thing is that there will be a different licensing policy. The rules of the game will change. We are copyrighted our software. License number RU2020665500 Thanks for Faheem Adam / HenryWoo for fun with security check. It was cool Website first release Start public project The beginning of scientific developments
...for pricing, registration, original files and chip tuning INSTAGRAM WHATSAPP TELEGRAM E-MAIL

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